Sustainable Teaching for faculty and graduate students

Do you care about teaching, but find that it just takes so much time?
I specialize in helping good teachers manage their time and improve student learning. Early-career faculty and graduate students can establish sustainable teaching habits from the start. Experienced faculty can learn fresh approaches that enhance student learning and address burnout.

Are you a faculty writer who wants to feel more empowered?
My writing workshops, retreats, and coaching help you realize your goals and improve your writing experiences. Reconnect with your work, make progress, and finish projects.

Do you want to help your graduate students as writers?

I help mentors and co-authors teach graduate students how to manage the writing process. Learn strategies for giving efficient feedback and for teaching your students writing skills they can use throughout their careers.

I also offer writing workshops for graduate students.

Discover how I can truly help you do the work that matters to you.


I write for fellow teachers and writers. This summer, I’m focusing on my book, Sustainable Teaching: Time Management for Passionate Educators, which is under advance contract in the “Teaching and Learning in Higher Education” series at West Virginia University Press.

In 21-22 at Virginia Tech, my teaching includes:

  • Graduate Seminar: Writing Skills for Professional Historians
  • Capstone Research Seminar for History Majors: History of Mental Health
  • War and Medicine: The US Civil War Era

I’m also continuing my role as Director of Graduate Student Professional Development in CLAHS. Our “You Can Write It!” program will:

  • Expand the 20-21 pilot of the article-writing group for graduate students.
  • Continue the popular “You Can Write It” workshop series piloted in Spring 2021 with Dr. Justin Grimes.
  • Launch the “You Can Write It!” podcast and website.