Monique Dufour, PhD

I’m Collegiate Assistant Professor of History at Virginia Tech, where I’m also the Director of Graduate Student Professional Development in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. I teach students how to think and write about the history of medicine and health, why thinking and writing can matter to them, and how to try and succeed at it.

My book, Sustainable Teaching: Time Management for Passionate Educators, is under advance contact at the West Virginia University Press series, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

For over fifteen years, I’ve also worked with faculty and graduate students as writers and teachers. I offer workshops, retreats, and coaching for writers who want to understand why writing can be challenging, and want to expand their writing repertoire. In my retreats and my long-term studies of faculty writers, I often collaborate with Dr. Jennifer Ahern-Dodson. She and I just offered our 9th annual scholarly writing retreat at Duke University.

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